21 January 2011

10 Months

Our little boy is now 10 months old! How time flies!

Current observations of DJP:
*He loves all fruits (especially bananas, blueberries and apples), vegetables and meats;
*greatly dislikes rice pilaf and one other thing that I cannot seem to remember at this moment;
*still has 6 teeth (4 top, 2 bottom) and is currently teething with more bumps present on the bottom on both sides;
*is being more and more vocal each day with more complex sounds rather than just repeating "da da da" and "ma ma ma;"
*will occasionally vocalize "orders" to the cat whenever she is nearby;
*is walking along furniture and with his walking toys;
*has occasionally let go of said furniture and toys to stand on his own for a few seconds;
*has had his first "bloody" accident in which he fell and split his lip. He is fine and the swelling has gone down thanks to the teething rings;
*has been sleeping through the night (except for last night-he woke up around 4am probably because he was hungry-he didn't eat much dinner and then threw some of it up for no apparent reason);
*is super duper curious about everything (especially the remotes and phones);
*is definitely a people watcher (going out to eat and trying to feed DJP is its own Olympic event with head twisting, food on spoon balancing, etc.);
*has started to throw all of his toys-out of the crib, into his FP Speedway and just because he can;
*has learned to climb up on boxes (that are used to blockade an area for DJP in the basement; and
*has been enjoying his time with his daddy taking care of him during the week (Jason has done a FABULOUS job!!!!).


somewhataloof said...

Yeah 10 months! He has such soulful eyes, like he's an old soul.

srapalmateer said...

It's funny that you say that...that has been said about me too!