25 January 2011

Sick Boy

We're currently experiencing what it is like to have a sick baby. I'd give anything for it to be me and not DJP!

This all started on Sunday morning. DJP slept until almost 10am. That should have been my first clue. He was a bit fussy while I was changing his diaper and just seemed to want to lay down again. I thought he might be hungry (since he slept in) and took him downstairs to eat. He ate his yogurt and mixed berries and still was fussy. He just wanted to be held. (That should have been my second clue.) Then the eruption occurred. I was covered in baby vomit. UGH! Somehow I got DJP and myself back upstairs and with assistance from Jason got DJP undressed and into the tub. He was perfectly fine-not being fussy and enjoyed his morning bath (a treat since we bathe him at night). After the bath, DJP wanted to be held. He eventually fell asleep on me and I put him in his crib. Poor thing.

When he woke up, we decided to get him some pedialyte and he decided that he liked it and drank half a sippycup of it. DJP was still not himself and just kind of sat around with one toy and wanted to be near us.

At dinner time, Jason and I decided to give DJP bananas and rice cereal-easy on the tummy-just in case he was going to be sick again. Dinner stayed down and DJP played a bit more than he had all day. Whew...

Then Jason and I decided to give DJP his bottle of formula before bed. Let's just say that Jason got to understand how I felt earlier in the day... We did another wardrobe change for Jason and DJP and a bit more Pedialyte before the kiddo went to bed.

So far, we've had no more vomiting however there's another problem to deal with-diarrhea. Poor little boy... Our pediatrician is not overly concerned, gave us some warning signs and said the virus just has to work its way out. I hope it works its way out soon because Jason and I have had a hard time watching DJP go through this.

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Sarah said...

Poor boy! And poor parents! Hopefully he is on the mend soon.

I have found giving MP probiotics helps with her diarrhea from illness. When she was on an antibiotic, I would give her some just before bed and she never had the horrible diarrhea we had experienced before.