11 January 2011

Some Good News

Mom had another CT Scan done on Friday and got the results yesterday. There was some good news from that. The tumor is still encapsulated in her pancreas AND has moved slightly away from the blood vessel that the doctors were concerned about.

The medical oncologist wants Mom to start with chemo (probably at the earliest in two weeks) because he doesn't think she is strong enough as of yet to go through radiation. He will be conferring with another doctor Mom sees closer to home to see if he will be able to monitor the chemo and her blood levels (due to her being chronically anemic).

I went to visit Mom over the weekend and I took her on a small outing to the bank. She did very well walking and even got herself up on the curb (with a little assistance from the cane). Mom will be seeing a physical therapist starting today to help strengthen her legs as well as overall so that she will be able to do the radiation.

Every day that I speak to Mom on the phone, she sounds better and more like herself. She misses her grandson and will get to see him this weekend as we celebrate Christmas (since she was in the hospital for the official date).