25 May 2008

Knitting Content!

It's been awhile since I've posted about knitting content (Thanks for the reminder, Niki). I'm working on some test knitting for SWTC and it's due to be finished this week. I've been knitting like a mad woman trying to get the project finished and they didn't send me enough yarn to finish.
So, I'm waiting for more to arrive and picked up Baby Blanket #1 of 2008 and finished it this week! I'm happy with how it turned out (600 stitches around) and can't wait to give it to the new parents.I've also been working on Mom's birthday socks which I had hoped to be finished by now, but I needed to check if they would fit. One sock is 99% finished and the other will get started on today!
Also, started was another dish/washcloth that will be part of a Christmas present. Cloths do not take long at all-if I really work at it, I can finish one in 2 hours. (Sometimes the brain and the hands just don't work that fast and it takes a whole day!) {This got frogged-undone-because I was using leftovers from another dishcloth and ran out of yarn. I hate when that happens!}

Since birthday socks seem to be the trend this year for me, of course I have another pair to make for Niki! I picked out the pattern and she picked out the yarn.
For now, the queue of knitting projects is overwhelming especially since there's another baby blanket to finish before July!

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