17 May 2008

Funny Stuff

This week has been crazy...see previous post plus it was the last full week with the senior class. Typically the last day of that week, the seniors execute their prank. In years past we have had ALL the chairs in the building on the first floor, balloons everywhere, and even some fish heads and feces spread throughout the building. This year's prank was a cute idea but definitely lacking in execution-bubble wrap was taped to the entire floor on the first floor. If only the seniors had planned on spending a little more money and coated the entire three floors... So it was a noisy end to the week. **Another school in the area was the recipient of a prank that was much more interesting...check out this listing on Craig's List.

Yesterday, Jason and I went to my parents' house to celebrate Mom's bday (which is on Sunday-she'll be away). We were in the basement and Jason noticed the "no" list of things to put in the paper shredder-No hands, no beverages, no ties, no paper clips/staples, and the best one...NO CHILDREN!!! (I wish the picture would have turned out but the drawing was too small and I couldn't get a focus on it with the camera.)

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