19 May 2008

Kansas City

Two weekends ago, Jason and I traveled to KC to see the Orioles take on the Royals. On Friday, we got to see American Idol Contestant, David Cook, throw out the first pitch and sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game". (Easier to take pics on the jumbo tron than on the field...looks too teeny tiny.)
We also went to the American Jazz Museum and the Negro Leagues Museum. The Negro Leagues Museum was self guided and had a ton of artifacts. I learned a lot!
We ate plenty of KC BBQ! We went to the big three: Arthur Bryant's, Jack Stacks and Gates. All were different and all were yummy! Gates had a stand at the ball park and served seasoned chips-sort of like crab chips, but the seasoning was HOT! (Those were my favorites!)

We also went to the Hallmark Visitor's Center, the College Basketball experience (Jason and I were never bball players and never will be!), the Truman Library (my first presidential library!) and the World War I Memorial and Museum. The WWI Museum was excellent-had multiple time lines, artifacts, hands on activities, actual trenches and many videos to see. The best part for me was walking over the glass bridge looking down on all the red poppies. Each poppy represented a specific number of deaths in WWI. Amazing.
(The museum is under the monument-sort of like the museum under the St. Louis Arch, but more like the Civil War Museum in Madrid, Spain. The tower has been in KC since not long after the war and one can go up in it-elevator ride then 45 steps to climb.)

We enjoyed our trip-there was a lot to do, but not too much. Even though the city wasn't busy on the weekend, it wasn't like Cleveland where the carpet got rolled up at 5pm Friday and laid back down again at 9am Monday.

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