13 May 2008

Day o' Crap

Coming back to work from being out for two days (trip to KC) is just plain crappy. I had the same substitute for both days (Friday and Monday). He was TOTALLY unreasonable with my students. I couldn't believe it! He posted a sign on my classroom door that stated if students arrived more than 5 minutes late that they were to go to the main office. He refused to let these students in the classroom. On their return with pass from the office, he refused to give them the work that I had assigned. He also left me about 6 pages of notes telling me how to do my job (one that I've been doing for 15 years) and that my students are the worst that he's ever seen. I spent the majority of today cleaning up his mess. UGH! (I know my students are not the most angelic nor are they devil's spawn...they are human. They make mistakes. They are teenagers. They know the rules and know how to bend them to suit their needs. You must be firm and kind with them. I knew things were bad when my sixth period students came into class saying that they missed me!

I haven't gathered my thoughts about Kansas City yet...we did have a good time and even got to visit Kansas! A post with pictures will be forthcoming...

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clara-runner said...

6 pages?! How could he even get into the classroom if his horse is that high?

I hate when I get a sub like that. Some people just don't get how to work well with kids.