03 January 2008

What is happening???

This evening, Jason and I were out and about at the mall and had dinner at a restaurant that shall remain nameless. Once we were seated, it took a server 10 minutes to even ask us what we wanted to drink. (This server had been by our table three times prior to asking us this.) Then he went through the motions of being polite and asking if we were ready to order. Of course we are! Once our food was brought out to us, the server never came over to ask how everything was and then waited forever to bring us our check. We were going to pay by credit card, had it out and waiting, our server walked by our table three more times and we decided to pay cash. The poor server didn't realize that he cost himself a tip. We left exactly the amount of money that we were supposed to and left. Said server did get in a "Have a good night" as we were leaving.

The above scenario seems to be happening more and more often when we go out to eat. We were remarking as we left the establishment that we get better service at places like Pei Wei-a "fast-food" version of PF Chang's (where you place your order at the counter and wait staff brings steaming hot food to your table in less than 10 minutes).

We have complained and talked with management, but the level of service continues to decline. Any thoughts???


angela said...

I think society as a whole is getting more... well, rude. With the internet, 50 million tv channels, cell phones, etc, we are used to getting information when we want it. And I think all the technology makes people less personable, especially with the generation after ours who grew up completely in the internet age (which is probably who is working at these restaurants now). Not only that, but society is way more materialistic than we were before. My mom grew up in a teeny 2 bedroom house (her bed was in the attic), and there were 6 people who lived there, and they were happy. Now you see McMansions everywhere, super sweet 16 birthday parties, and we are constantly bombarded with shows like "cribs" or the "fabulous life of..." Our greediness applies to jobs too... remember when 401K and health benefits was a perk? Now, people expect daycares, fitness centers, and flex time... as a basic benefit.

Anyway, between the material aspect and just less personal relationships due to technology(I say this as I'm typing to you now), I think its everywhere, not just in restaurants.

So here's to a new years resolution - be kinder people! Thats what we all want anyway - to have friends and be happy!

srapalmateer said...

I think you have hit the nail on the head, Angela! We should be happy with what we have and not want more things. It's just more stuff to dust...