23 January 2008

Update on Cruise

I have been asked to finish telling about the cruise (with the holidays and parents visiting, who can remember anything???)...

After the visit to the infirmary, the rest of the cruise was pretty laid back-reading, spending time with our parents, eating, sleeping and just enjoying the boat and the views. There was one tiny little problem-our cabin made a creaking noise that got louder anytime the boat picked up speed! We didn't really notice it until we missed the first port (Key West) when Captain Albert put the boat into super warp speed (or whatever the most you can do with one propeller). The noise was so awful that it didn't let me sleep one night (there might have also been the gallbladder problem too). Jason complained on at least three different occasions-to our cabin steward and to the hotel manager. There didn't seem to be any rush to fix the problem. So, on our return, Jason wrote a 6 page letter to Holland America telling the corporate office about The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. We finally got a response from them in today's mail. They were glad that our experience was mainly a good one (which it was) and that on a future cruise (which we already put a deposit on) we will have some extra shipboard credit (equal to the credit that we already received on board the ship due to missing two ports). Sometimes it does pay to know HOW to complain...just wish I was good at it :-(

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