16 January 2008

Isn't this a blog about knitting???

Yes, I know. The blog is lacking in knitting content. There really is no excuse other than work and that I've been knitting!

Some Christmas knitting that I couldn't post about because the recipient (my hubby) reads my blog...I made him 2 Iowa Dish/Washcloths.
I have also finished a pair of socks (Pine Cone Socks) for my mom:
And a pair of socks for one of my MsIL (yes, I have two!!):I've also been working on a pair of socks for me...no pictures of those yet. I'm using the Jaywalker pattern from Grumperina in Austerman Step in a blue/gray colorway. I thought the gray stripe was awfully thick until today. I was looking at the gray section and saw that there are THREE different shades of gray in the one stripe-dark gray, light gray and a greenish gray. All of this noticing took place under florescent lighting-gotta love it?

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