28 January 2008

I'm it!

I've been tagged by Clara-Runner.

Here are the rules:

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-Share the seven (7) most famous or infamous people you have met. Or go with the original 7 weird things about yourself.
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I'm gonna have to go with the seven weird things about myself, because I have not met many famous/infamous people.

1. I love the color blue! I don't know when or why it happened, but blue is definitely my comfort color. My dishes are blue, most of my clothes are blue, the walls in my former basement were blue (light and dark), the curtains in our new living room are blue, the overhead pen that I write with is blue...I think it's become an obsession! (Ironically, I do not care for writing with pens with blue ink. hmmm....)

2. I abhor making/talking on the phone. I rarely call my students' parents on the phone (only if they call me first-I'd rather email them). I don't even like to answer the phone. (Thank God Jason usually does!) This even goes as far as making doctor's appointments...I always wait until the last minute with those.

3. I love to read cheesy romance novels. They are quick reads-I can get through one in an afternoon, if there are no interruptions. Plus, they're an escape from reality. Who really wants Fabio to sweep them off their feet???

4. I am overly organized. Everything has its own place and if it's not where it should be it makes me frustrated and then I have to hunt for the object until it is found!

5. I don't like my foods to touch on my plate. Ewwww...

6. I fall asleep in the car in minutes (only if I'm not driving). Ever since I was little, being in the car puts me to sleep, even if I'm not sleepy! Yet again, thank God Jason likes to drive or we'd never get anywhere!

7. I love knowing Spanish, but don't like to speak with native speakers of Spanish. I think this is because I don't want to be judged on how I speak or what errors I make, being the perfectionistic Virgo that I am.

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Linda said...

Shall we have a contest to see who's weirder? I have my 7 weird things on my blog!