16 February 2007

Crazy Fool Am I

Craziness! I definitely don't know when to stop! I signed myself up for Sock Madness (appropriately named-not because of the socks, but because you have to be mad to do this), a contest, with brackets (like March MADNESS...get the connection???), to see who can make socks with specific patterns the quickest.

Thank the Yarn Gods that I am only taking one grad school class this semester, so I hope to have time to actually make it more than one round in SM. Last semester, I took 2 classes (1 online and 1 that I had to drive an hour there and back) and I don't think I knit much at all. :(

I know I keep mentioning grad school, but haven't said much else about it. I have been teaching Spanish for 14 years and want a change. I decided that I would earn a Master's in School Library Media. What this means is that I would become a Media Specialist in a school. Basically, still a teacher, but helping students and teachers find information and teaching them how to find that information. I am having a great time with the classes that I have taken so far and am wondering why I didn't start this sooner?!?! About 9 years ago, I was in another Master's program for guidance and counseling. It was a good program and I learned a lot, but could not take a sabbatical with a mortgage to pay. The great thing about finishing the program I'm in now will be once I graduate, I will have a Master's + 30 (credits) which equals mo' money! (not that money is what this is all about...it's about me being HAPPY and SANE!!!)

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