23 December 2008

Nothing Definitive

The latest update on Dad is that the pathology report from the bronchoscopy did not tell what type of lung cancer it is. What that means is that Dad will have to go in for another biopsy, this time it will be done through the chest wall. We're not sure when this biopsy will take place since the hospital did not call today to schedule it. It will probably be on Monday. The reason they need to do another biopsy is to determine which protocol of chemotherapy to give Dad. For one type of cancer, the protocol would take 3-4 hours to administer. For the other type, about 5 hours.

The results from the brain MRI were more definitive. There is a spot there. The doctor is going to use the CyberKnife at Franklin Square Hospital. It is an interesting procedure in which Dad needs to get fitted for a mask that will keep his head absolutely still during the intense radiation. Dad will also have the procedure done on the spot that is located close to his spine because the doctor does not want it to attach itself to the spine. Tomorrow, Dad is going to be fitted for the mask and have another CTscan.

While Dad is doing all that, I will be with Mom who is having carpal tunnel surgery on her left hand. Thankfully, we'll all be at the same hospital, but in different areas.

Please keep both Dad and Mom in your thoughts and prayers.


Melanie said...

Good luck with all of the procedures. We're thinking of you.

Ann, Russell, and Collin said...

Sending prayers and positive thoughts to your entire family!!