27 December 2008

Mom's Surgery & Update on Dad

Mom's surgery went well. The doctor found no abnormalities, tumors, etc. in her wrist. The entire procedure took 26 minutes. Yes, you read that correctly...26 minutes! The surgeon told Mom that it would be 45 minutes. He must have wanted to get home...who knows? Since the carpal tunnel surgery took so little time, I didn't have time to eat anything but a few Snap Peas, finish reading the last couple pages of Fables, vol. 11 and text my brother and Jason to tell them Mom had gone into surgery. It took longer for them to come get me to see her in recovery than it did for the surgery.

One of the nurses that took care of Mom recognized her from the week before when Dad had gotten his port. The nurses in the out-patient surgical center of Franklin Square Hospital were AWESOME! They were smiling, caring, and just great to be around. The nurse that discharged Mom explained everything thoroughly, made sure Mom understood what she needed to do when she got home and treated both of us like friends. The manner of all the nurses made the experience that much better.

2 days after surgery, Mom is doing well. She is taking her pain meds, which make her sleepy and a bit dizzy. She has been keeping her arm elevated and in the sling when she is up and about. I've already noticed a distinct decrease in the swelling of her fingers. Plus, she can feel her fingertips! I told her that was good pain-better than the numbness prior to the surgery!

Now onto Dad...the hospital was supposed to call to schedule Dad's second biopsy. They haven't as of 5pm tonight. They probably won't until Monday, when they wanted to do the procedure. Figures. More waiting. Dad was fitted for the mask for the CyberKnife and also had the CT scan in which they locate the lesions for programming the robotic arm to the correct locations. It's amazing what some Stanford doctor came up with to treat cancer with radiation in a non-invasive manner.

Dad is still experiencing some pain- 1 or 2 out of 10 (for most of us that would be a 7 or 8 out of 10 and have us in the hospital begging for morphine!). He did go to work today and Aunt Felicia helped out (THANK YOU!) and he plans to go to work tomorrow with the help of Joe and Tim (THANK YOU!!). The doctors told him he could and I don't think he knows what to do when he's not at work. Plus, he eats better (or more) when he goes to work. That's a plus because he needs to keep his energy up for the upcoming chemo treatments. Dad is scheduled to start his first round on January 7th.

That's all for now...hopefully, I will know more on Monday! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, spent time with family and friends, ate plenty and just enjoyed the holiday.


clara-runner said...

So happy to hear that your Mom's surgery went well. Hopefully, she conitues to make great improvements.

Hopefully by now they have scheduled father's surgery. Waiting is the worst part, but I think it is good he is going to work. There's a comfort in the normal routine.

Continue to take care.

Angela said...


I am so sorry to hear about your dad. We will keep your family in our prayers for sure.

I am glad to hear that your mom's surgery went well. Hopefully she will continue to improve and get more feeling back as each day passes.

Take care, and I'll keep checking back for updates.