15 December 2008

Letter to SP13

Dear SP13 Spoiler,

I've been bad. I've been very bad. I received a package from you and have not posted about it on my blog. Yes, I did email you to thank you, but that's never enough. You were so sweet to send a gift straight away and I have been remiss. I am so sorry. I have been using the stitch markers. I love them. They make knitting even more fun! [I didn't think that could happen :0)] I just want you to know that I promise to be better to you in the future and post as soon as possible...not waiting; not procrastinating; not letting anything (not even Guitar Hero) stand between me and posting about the fabulous gifts you send my way!

The Forlorn Spoilee

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Quite alright. I understand completely. I hope things are going well for you! :)
Your SP13 Pal