02 July 2008

A package!

I received a package from my SP12 pal on Monday! (Sorry it's taken me two days...grad school all day and it's killing me slowly!) I opened my box:

And this is what I received:

A ball-band dishcloth in my favorite colors
with a nicely crocheted border (a new idea for me!)
A pair of knitting needles that say,
"I love knitting!" with a kitty face and a
"gummy" bear point protector
3 patterns-1 for a hat, 1 for socks and 1 for a cozy-and
all of a baseball theme!
a knitting pattern calendar and
2 skeins of wool for the hat and
2 skeins of fun fur for a scarf
all in Orioles colors! (I <3 the O's!)

Thank you, Secret Pal!

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