14 July 2008

I've got a green thumb!

Apparently, I have a green thumb and am able to grow things. Woo hoo! Let me explain-when I first lived on my own after college, I had some troubles with keeping plants alive. I would either water them too much or too little. Maybe I just never gave them enough attention? I even killed a cactus!

Needless to say, I have always been apprehensive about growing things. So far, I have had success with some houseplants (that I've had for quite some time) and even ventured out to plant some bulbs last Fall that actually gave us some pretty Spring flowers. I decided to grow some tomatoes and cucumbers (since produce prices are crazy at the grocery store) and purchased 2 tomato and 2 cucumber (I killed one before I even transplanted them.) plants that I planted in pots. This past weekend, I noticed that we had a cucumber that was just about ready to be harvested.
There are even some wee little cucumbers growing too! I also noticed that there are some tomatoes growing:
I can't wait until the tomatoes are ready. Tomato and mayonnaise sandwiches-they remind me of summertime growing up when Mom would tell me to go out to the garden, pick a tomato and we'd construct the sandwiches. Yum!


clara-runner said...

Garden fresh tomato and mayo sandwiches are the absolute best! Nothing says summer better than that.

Jenn said...

I tried to grow some produce too....but my thumb is brown!