22 August 2007


I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for the second shipment of Yarn Pirate's Booty Club. It should have arrived about 2 days after it was shipped, which would have been Saturday. We were home all day on Saturday because my dad was doing some work in the basement. No package. I figured I'd give it a couple of days and then start to get worried.

I came home from work on Tuesday (yes, that has begun once again...) and still no package. Boo hoo! I got a confirmation that the Yarn Pirate sent it, so I looked it up and I was flabbergasted. The message on the USPS webpage says "Delivery was attempted at 4:10pm on Saturday, August 17th and a notice was left." No notice and no package. I'm just a bit upset. I should have known something was not right, because our regular mailman is on vacation! (I hope he's somewhere nice and warm and relaxing...)

Jason and I flew (not on broomsticks, but that might have been faster) to the post office, 5 minutes before they close and I got my package. It was worth the wait! Inside was a YP sticker, 2 mints with a pirate theme and a skein of Calamity:

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Nosy1 said...

Aarrgh! Aren't pirates grand!?!