06 March 2009

Not well

The latest news with Dad is that the mass in his lung has gotten larger. The oncologist canceled the PET scan on Monday because the CT scan told him what he needed to know. Dad has had a stressful last two days due to having blood drawn for typing so that the blood transfusion could happen today. It went well, but Dad is extremely tired. Mom said that he napped off and on since they arrived home. Dad was able to sit outside for awhile-he said it felt good in the warm air.

Because of Dad's low (we think red, but it could be the white) blood cell count, he cannot eat anything raw-not even veggies! If he has fruit, Mom has to wash and peel it. Dad's appetite has been good so that is a plus. He goes in Monday for more blood work and on Thursday he will see the oncologist again.

Chris, Jason and I will be visiting tomorrow, so I will be able to post another update later this weekend.

Love to all and keep praying!


Rod said...

Kate, we think about your Dad every day and say our prayers. Of course, thoughts of you, your Mom, Chris, and Jason are held closely in our hearts as well. We enjoyed the Mardi Gras picture of John and were glad that all of you joined in that celebration even if in a small way.
Love, Pat & Rod

srapalmateer said...

Thank you so much!