10 March 2009

It was the White ones

Dad went to have more blood drawn yesterday and his white cell count is up therefore he can eat anything he wants to eat. When we talked last night, he was eating grapes. I asked Mom if he really wanted them but they needed to be pealed, would she have done it? She says no. Ever tried to peal a grape? I have and it's really not pretty.

Dad continues to be extremely weak. Mom said that she fed him last night because he couldn't even lift the fork. He was only able to talk on the phone for about a minute before he was out of breath and coughing. The coughing has increased since Dad's last round of chemo. It will probably continue to worsen as the mass in his right lung continues to grow. Also, his speech has started to slur again so the oncologist upped the steroid dose.

Mom also said that Hospice was going to be set up sometime today. Hopefully, they can come to the house on Thursday when we'll all be there so that Mom won't have to relay messages/questions for us.

Love to all!


clara-runner said...

Happy to hear the white ones are heading the right way quantity wise. Being able to eat what you want is definitely a good thing.

Keeping you and your family in my thoughts.

Niki said...

Keep hanging in there.