30 September 2008

J's Rays in the Post Season!

Jason and I went to a couple of the last Orioles games this season because:
  • they were playing the Rays;
  • we would get to see a TRUE double-header;
  • we would see the RAY-HAWK in person;
  • the Rays would possibly clinch the AL East.
Unfortunately, it took the Rays a couple more days to clinch the AL East, but we had a great time seeing the Rays win the games that we saw. (Yes, I, the lifetime O's fan, wore Rays gear to the game. I did have an O's shirt on under the Rays one though...can't let my boys in orange down!)Since the ALDS started, we've been watching the Rays on TV and they start off slowly, but always seem to pull it out in the end. Jason's mom and step dad purchased t-shirts for us-we've been wearing them when the Rays play. BUT, today, Jason has a tough decision to make. The Rays play at 4pm and so do his beloved Buccaneers. Who knows which shirt he'll be wearing today!

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