05 October 2008

Knitting Escapdes

Lately, I've been knitting lots of stuff.

I finished Mom's latest pair of socks, Dublin Bay, in Tofutsies. They are nice and soft and have a trellis pattern on the sides.

I am in the midst of Niki's Bday socks. I have turned the heel (again, after making a big mistake) on sock #2. The pattern I used for Niki's socks is Bubble Wrap Socks in YP's I Want Candy from the YP's Booty Club.
I've also started a pair of socks as a gift for someone who reads this blog, so no other mention will be made until said person actually has their feet measured.

I've even started a pair of socks for ME! I'm using Noro's Silk Garden Sock (I don't remember the # of the color) in a basic sock pattern. I started these in Knitting Club at school and worked on them for two days during a conference. I'm already on the second sock! These socks are definitely boot socks-they're too thick to wear with regular shoes. They will definitely be keeping my feet warm in the winter.There has been another influx of babies being made amongst my family and friends. (None here!) I am currently working on one blankie (sort of like this pattern, but I totally changed the colors and how I'm knitting it, so it's really NOT like that pattern!) I also will need to start thinking about two other blankets to make for the Spring. I haven't gotten as far as what pattern I will use yet.
Finally, I'm working on a scarf for me, Tiger Eye Scarf, in YP's Hard Cider, the September 2008 Booty Club colorway. It's my first foray into lace and it's going pretty well since I completed the first repeat of the pattern last night. I decided to make this pattern with this yarn because it matches my winter coat PERFECTLY and I can also use the scarf with some of my winter wardrobe since the scarf will be light enough to wear indoors as well. BONUS!


clara-runner said...

Beautiful work! I am jealous of your knitting productivity. I wish I could find mine.

Anne said...

Very pretty Tofutsies! I love their yarns, and oddly, I've never knit with it yet - mostly given it to friends or in swaps LOL I like the colors in your scarf - isn't it great to knit for YOU sometimes?

Niki said...

those socks are looking great... i can't wait to pick them up!