15 September 2008

Yet again...

...I've been bad. I have totally forgotten to post about my last Secret Pal package! I've had the pictures taken for weeks now. Oh Pal, will you ever forgive me????

Here's what I received: a container to protect my yarn (you'd be surprised how Ophelia's hair gets into everything and who wants socks made from kitty hair?), a travel magazine that made me want to jump on the next plane to some remote island and teach by web cam, a mouse/note pad (which will definitely come in handy) and lots of yarn-two skeins of a locally(to my pal) dyed wool, 2 skeins of Fun Fur (which will make a nice warm scarf or possibly part of another hedgehog) and 1 skein of Neighborhood Fibers' Loft.

THANK YOU, Secret Pal! You've been the best!!!
(be sure to let me know who you are!!!)

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Anonymous said...

I know that I haven't revealed, but I have one more surprise in the mail - keep your eyes peeled!