06 May 2010

Long Awaited Gift

Back in January, during the first round of snowstorms here in MD, my family had a baby shower for me. Amazingly, most of the guests came during the 4-6 inches of snow braving the elements as well as the people who do not know how to drive in snow. (Yes, I apparently know some CrAzY people...and you know who you are!!!)

One of the gifts that I received was one that I would not see until Jason and I had decided on a name for our little Monster because the gift would be personalized just for the little guy. Once Jason and I decided on a name, Niki, great friend and maker of said gift, got to work. Here are the results of her hard work:

The note cards are absolutely fabulous! Some of the ribbons used were from the gifts that I received at the shower (Niki and I both like to recycle!). As Niki pointed out to Jason and myself, half of the cards are blue and half are brown as well as half of each color being horizontal in nature and the other half being vertical (and I still need to learn how to change the layout of the pictures once I upload them...). Each card is a work of art and I would love to just frame them however, they were made to be used and I will do so. Thank you, Niki, for such a thoughtful gift!


Niki said...

You're welcome. Love ya.

Melanie said...