26 May 2010

Growing like a weed

Monster, aka DJP, went to his two month (can you believe it?!) check up on Monday. He was measured-23 inches long (has grown over 3 inches since birth) and weighed-11 pounds, 11 ounces (gained over 2 pounds in a month) and is right where he needs to be according to Dr. Otto, his pediatrician.

We asked local friends who they used for a pediatrician and they told us all about Dr. Otto. He is less than 5 minutes away and has been in practice since the early '80s. Jason went to interview Dr. Otto (since I could not take any days off at the time) and really liked the philosophy of the practice. It is also beneficial that there are adult doctors in the practice as well. I will be switching doctors so that I do not have to travel to Crofton (about 45 minutes from home) and wait for 2 hours to see my current doctor. That's a lot of wasted time, especially having an infant!

Dr. Otto spends time asking questions-even asked us how much sleep we were getting (good way to find out how the kiddo is sleeping too!) and how we are enjoying Monster. He went over developmental milestones for the next two months and started talking about solid foods since we won't see him again until the end of July. It was nice to have some guidelines as to when to start Monster on solids-he's currently taking 5 ounces of formula at feeding time!

Then the painful part came. Monster got his two month vaccinations-2 needles and a yummy (he enjoyed it!) oral vaccine. The first shot went okay-he wasn't quite sure how to react to it. The second one was administered and he turned beet red and held his breathe for what seemed like forever! Monster finally calmed down and was just a bit fussier than usual that evening. He hasn't seemed to have any reactions to the vaccinations as of yet other than being super hungry and tired more often. WHEW!

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