10 July 2009

Trying New Things

I've officially been out of school for three weeks now. I have slept in, read, knitted, been lazy, caught up on watching stuff from the DVR and now am ready to try new things. Well, cook new things!

Jason and I decided that we would go through the Cook's Illustrated magazines that we have (a great magazine if you want to know the WHY behind what is being done and how long it takes them to perfect it!) and pick a few recipes to try each week. Some had no recipes that we wanted to try and others had a few. One in particular had quite a few pages marked...just about ALL of them! We tried two of the recipes from this magazine-Almost No Knead Bread and The French Onion Soup. This was my first time making bread by myself as well as a fancy soup. Both turned out well, even though the soup takes FOREVER to make.



Niki said...

you know, i enjoy soup... if you're cooking

the bees knees! said...

the bread looks delicious!

littlelixie said...

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