02 November 2007

I'm a Klutz!

Yes! I admit it! I am the person that trips UP the stairs, trips in tennis shoes, and can even trip in her own bare feet. Needless to say, I am usually careful about where I walk, ESPECIALLY on uneven or grassy surfaces. HA! I wasn't so careful last Saturday at McDaniel, walking back to the car. I've had to park in other places this semester due to football games and homecoming, so I'm not as familiar with the walking paths (grassy areas) and sidewalks. Not 5 yards to the car, I rolled my left ankle and took a tumble also scraping my right knee a bit. After assessing the situation and catching my breath, now seated on a sidewalk, all I could think about was that I hadn't put any holes in my (new) favorite pair of jeans! {That's another story for another day...}

I was able to get myself back to the car and drive home-it helped that it was the left ankle and not the right. I got home and elevated said ankle and iced it with a bad of frozen spinach (Jason couldn't find a bag of corn nor peas). I also took Monday off since I could not walk up and down the steps-coming down was fun-on my bum! (The stairs in the house are a tad bit slippery-thought I was gonna slide down the entire flight!)

The ankle is better although the swelling has not gone down as much as I'd like (I do teach and need to be on my feet) but the bruises have come out-matching ones-lovely purples and greens!


Nosy1 said...

Purple--to match "Batty"
Green--to match "Skully".
Not what I had in mind when I sent them to you for a "trick or treat"!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's terrible! Hope you feel better soon. I feel your pain, especially about the stairs.


Cindy/Snid said...

Ouch! You have my sympathy. I have done that twice and it takes longer than you think to heal and is no fun. REST and stay off your ankle for a few days, then use a cane or something to take the weight off. It's good for whacking wayward students with too ;) (just kidding!)

Niki said...

Hope you're up cha-chaing soon!

Melanie said...

Ouch!! Been there, done that, and it's no fun! Hope it heals for you soon!