16 October 2007

Oh the insanity

My life is what is insane! But today just made me chuckle! This week has been crazy at work (yes, I know it is only Tuesday) but I took Friday off to play with lots of yarn and Monday was catch up day with the kids. Today was Parents' Day at my school. My principal feels that to create an atmosphere of learning, everyone should be involved and be able to see what happens in the classroom on a "normal" day. I totally agree (and of course, if the parents really wanted to, they could come in any day as long as the front office knows about it!) Anyway, I only had 3 parents show up (mom and dad of one student)-2 in 5th period and 1 in 6th period. What made me chuckle (and feel bad at the same time) is that the student in 5th period whose parents showed up was called down to the office for some sort of disciplinary action. Oh my...

But the other part of what made me chuckle is that we're trying to squeeze in as much as we can today because tomorrow we're administering the PSAT test to ALL 10th and 11th graders, 9th graders have an English/Leadership assignment to complete and 12th graders were encouraged to go on college visits or will be in the cafeteria working on college essays. Now, with trying to teach as much as possible in 50 minutes, there is little room for much else. HA! My classroom phone rang at least twice in each class, there were at least 3 different messengers coming to my room and of course all the students who needed to go to the restroom/nurse/office/etc. It's any wonder how ANYTHING gets learned at school.

Enough ranting...more knitting!!!

I mentioned in an earlier post that a friend is pregnant. I have made the baby some gifts already. I used the bib and burp cloth patterns from Mason-Dixon Knitting which I had checked out of the library. Both patterns were super simple and took hardly any time to finish. I think I finished each in one day (over the weekend). I used Sugar n' Cream 100% cotton for both in the same colorway (I have no idea what the name is-I recycled the ballband.)

(The pattern that the yarn makes is pretty cool, don't ya think? It shows up in both pieces in just a slightly different way and even with the texture of the burp cloth)

What makes this even more interesting is that the Yarn Pirate, who happens to be pregnant, made a bib (from the same pattern) using the same yarn! How cool is that? We didn't chat about it and she lives in Washington State and I'm on the East Coast. Too weird!

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