02 July 2007


...I'm awake now.

I mentioned earlier about the educational research class that I'm taking this summer. Yes, it is a snoozer of a class! I have sat through some awful courses, but this has to be the worst. In my program (School Library Media), we HAVE to take this course for certification. Now, remember, I will be a librarian in a school...when am I going to use this???? In my other course, there are 4 other people taking different sections of the same course. We're all asking ourselves and each other this question. I DO see the relevance of this for some educational personnel, but ME?!?!?!? The only research study I plan on completing is which book is the most popular and why won't anyone check out __________________ (insert any blah blah book you wish)?

I have killed at least two trees personally over the past week (printing out #*!@%$ research studies) and feel awful about it. Thank heaven Jason and I planted a new one a couple of weeks ago. I might need to find another to make up for the ream of paper that got used for the sake of educational research!


Niki said...

Educational Research classes are just one of the myriad of reasons that i WON'T be pursuing a Masters in Education.

srapalmateer said...

I can't say that I blame you...but the proposal and the lit review are finished...just need to turn them in tomorrow...ugh!