23 July 2007

We're Finished!

We went to Border's to get our reserved copy of the final installment of HP, but arrived after 11pm. The store was packed with more adults than kids. Of course, some of my students were there. They were lucky enough to be in the first group (woke up early to get their wristbands) while we were in the third group (Jason doesn't like to get up early). When we left around 1am, there was just enough room to walk out of the store because hoards of people were waiting to be allowed into the store (fire code) and inquiring minds wanted to know what group we had been in.

Jason and I have finished reading installment #7. In the words of Laurie Halse Anderson (fav YA author of mine), "Well done!" I thought the epic could have ended in multiple places, but was happy with the epilogue. One day when I have time, I'm going to read all seven straight through...one day.

I am a bit sad that the series has ended. What great work awaits from some other genius mind?

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