29 June 2009


It seems to me that my family is diminishing just a bit more quickly than I would like it to! Since February, there have been 7 (yes, I said seven) deaths in my family.
  • Aunt Ellen (mom's side)
  • Dad
  • Kas (Aunt Ellen's daughter, a cousin of mom's)
  • Ed (cousin of mom's)
  • Harry (Dad's cousin's husband)
  • Mary G. (Grandpop's last surviving cousin)
  • Pop Hovel (father of mom's oldest friend's husband)
Today was Harry's funeral. It took place at Garrison Forrest Veteran's Cemetery where my maternal grandparents, some cousins and even a classmate of mine (HS) are buried. Mom, Chris and I went and stopped by the graves to pay our respects. It was sort of like playing hide and seek since there is a system to how the graves are laid out, but even when you know the system it is like finding a needle in a haystack!

My grandmother always used to fear January because that seemed to be when all the folks in our family passed on and usually only three. Now I'm beginning to think it just needs to be in the first six months of the year and who knows how many...

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