21 August 2008


...I can't believe that twenty days have passed since I last posted. I have been BUSY (more than a bee can be) with:
  • a visit from Rod and Pat (the in-laws) who were gracious enough to help paint 3/4 of the basement walls and the 1/2 bath.
  • the MD BBQ Festival in Bel Air (the 'Q was yummy!)
  • a quick visit to NYC
  • school shopping (for supplies and clothes)
  • watching the Olympics (had to cheer on Michael Phelps, local Baltimore boy and the gymnastics, softball, baseball, beach volleyball...you get the picture...I'm an Olympic junkie!)
  • reading graphic novels (I got hooked on 'em after my class this summer-FABLES is awesome!)
  • knitting (have finished some projects that were laying around and of course started new ones!)
  • And finally, I've been in meetings all of this week since teachers had to report to work. The administration is having us do all these team building activities and there's been little time to do any other work in our classrooms. We did do an awesome activity today-A DRUM CIRCLE! I'm all for doing that at least once a week. It felt good to make some music (and I have no musical talent) and beat on a drum for an hour with my colleagues. They guy who lead us in this is a former WL grad, so that made it all the more special.

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Niki said...

Does Howard County have some sort of drum initiative going on? The teachers at Howard were playing drums today as the students arrived.